Literary Orange 2014: Ivy Pochoda

Ivy Pochoda is the author of Visitation Street and The Art of Disappearing. Visitation Street bucks the norms of the mystery genre. Instead of focusing on the investigation, the book focuses on the community. In this gritty crime novel, characters have the power to hear the dead speak and a crumbling neighborhood proves it still has a little magic left in it. The Art of Disappearing is Ivy Pochoda’s previous book and it is an enchanting story about a woman who marries a Las Vegas magician only to find out that he is practicing real magic.

Visitation Street is both a literary mystery novel and a coming of age story. While girls and women going missing are common things in mystery novels, the story that unfolds in this novel is quite different from the average mystery novel. The story centers on two girls, best friends who are starting to grow up and grow apart from each other. It is a hot summer night and the girls are looking for something to pass the time, they decide to take a plastic raft out on a bay in the East River. One girl is found washed up on the beach nearly dead and the other girl doesn’t come back at all. The investigation into what happened to the girls involves the whole community. The neighborhood of Red Hook is so prominent in the story that it nearly becomes one of the main characters in the novel. I highly recommend both Ivy Pochoda’s novels.

Fans of Ivy Pochoda can see her at Literary Orange on Saturday, April 5th. She is one of the great authors scheduled for the Magical Realism panel. This upcoming panel will be a great opportunity to meet authors who are crossing over literary genres and bringing a bit of magic into psychological fiction and literary fiction novels.

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