What About Steve Harvey?

Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man is a book that might make some feminists and other thoughtful adults scream. It is a very simplistic advice manual outlining what it is that men want in the woman that they date (admiration, loyalty, intimacy) and lecturing women that they need to set their standards high and make specific requirements for dating and getting involved at an intimate level; specifically repeating that their intended needs to follows through with promises to them, friends and family and that they require being treated in the way that they deserve.  

This book assumes that all men are simple creatures with a few simple needs and that women are more complex and often not understanding the differences which Harvey outlines. The book gives the impression of being written hastily and with certain strong biases about faith, appearances, and manners, perhaps from Harvey’s own point of view and personal background. Do all women always want the car door opened for them? Do men always like the looks of high heels best?

But are some thoughtful ideas here for young women starting to date that might make this a good mother-daughter read or thought for any woman wanting some dating advice. And the advice might even be useful for some men who need some insights into the female mind. And there are suggested ground rules laid out for all that set the standards high.

Comedian and talk-show host Harvey seems to have taken his own twist on the Men Are From Mars ideas. He is clear that his ideas emanate from his own past mistakes and successes and his experiences offering his talk-show dating advice. Is this good advice?  The book was a new York Times bestseller so it definitely has attracted attention. He has also written a second book, Straight Talk, no Chaser : How to Find, Keep, and Understand a Manwhich has even more of Harvey's insights into relationships. And now the successful box office Think Like a Man movie is also in our library collection.

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