Alice Munro

You may have heard about the new movie, Hateship, Loveship starring Kristin Wigg. You may not have heard that  this movie is based on the 2001 short story Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage by Alice Munro. Some love the film and some don’t like it at all; you will have to decide for yourself. I haven’t seen the movie yet but, when I heard it was based on a story from an author I so admire and appreciate, I now have plans to go and see it very soon.

Alice Munro is a Canadian author best known for her short stories. She has been called "master of the contemporary short story". Munro was the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature winner, and I can best describe her stories as “haunting”. The book I most recently read was Too Much Happiness. This book contains some of the darkest, most compelling and strangest stories I have read in a long time. These are stories that stick with you and will pop into your head even months after you read them. One of the stories in Too Much Happiness is titled “Free Radicals”, and is a story I cannot stop thinking about. A friend who has also read the book feels the same way; in fact, when we see each other all we have to do is mention “that Alice Munro story” and we know exactly what the other one is talking about. These are not stories you read and quickly forget; these stories are not quick reads, they are complex and show off the enduring quality of Alice Munro’s fiction. It takes a profoundly talented to author to write a story, especially a short story with limited pages and where every sentence counts, that will stay with you for months and months.

I strongly recommend Alice Munro as an author. Fans of short stories and literary psychological fiction will most likely love her books. See the new movie, read the book or read one of her other books and let us know what you think. Be prepared to be uncomfortable, disturbed, captivated and impressed all at once. Alice Munro’s most recent book is Dear Life.

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