Divergent Read-a-likes

So lately in the library, everyone has been asking for books like Divergent.

Because of that, I'm going to advise that people re-read my earlier posts on Reboot by Amy Tintera and Enclave by Ann Aguirre, but I'm also going to add a few more.

Paolo Bacigalupi
Ship Breaker
Nailer has been working on the light crew stripping ships for as long as he can remember.  His dad works the heavy crew, but he tries to avoid him, and his mom’s no where to be found.  In Gulf Coast after the storms, your crew takes care of you, not your family.  When Nailer stumbles upon the find of a lifetime, a sweet little clipper ship, he has to decide if he’s going to save the pretty owner and listen to her promises of a better life or continue with what he’s always known.


Patrick Ness
Knife of Never Letting Go
Todd can’t wait until his birthday.  In another month, he’ll be a man.  According to what he’s been told, a month after he was born the indigenous people of the planet his folk colonized released a germ that killed all the women, some of the men, and caused everyone to hear everyone else’s thoughts.  Even the thoughts of animals are known now.  As the last child born, he’s now the last boy in Prentisstown, which is the last town on the planet.  While Todd and his dog Manchee are walking in the swamp, they stumble upon the impossible: a place of silence.  As Todd returns home, this thought slips out and the town learns about the oddity.  Todd is forced to run for his life and will eventually learn the dark secret of his town.

Caragh O'Brien
Gaia has finally completed her first solo birth as a midwife.  She rushes home to tell her mother only to find that she and her father has been taken inside the city.  Little does she realize that this is the beginning of her becoming a revolutionary and discovering the true secrets of why a certain number of children from outside are sacrificed or “ascended” to the city and what it means for the future.  And most of all, what became of her two brothers.

Caragh O'Brien
Gaia and her sister Maya have crossed the wasteland and made it to Sylum where her grandmother once ruled as matriarch.  Although the land is lush and green, it is not the safe haven she expected.  A society where men outnumber women 10 to 1, strict rules are in place that Gaia isn’t used to.  How can her ethical beliefs stand up against a community that seems to all agree?  And what can she do now that it has absorbed her sister and that she can no longer leave without dying since she has acclimatized?

Dan Wells
The youngest human on earth is 14.  No baby has lived since the Partial war.  With humans practically extinct, medic in training Kira has to find a way to help save the world.  To do this she risks her life and her freedom by venturing beyond the safe zone into the area where the Partials live.  Perhaps by capturing a living Partial, she’ll be able to find the cure to the dying babies.

Dan Wells
Kira Walker, member of the last enclave of humans left after the partials war, has discovered how to cure RM, the disease that has kept any human baby from surviving more than 10 days in the past 14 years.  Unfortunately, the only way to get it is to harvest it from a live Partial, bioengineered humans.  All partials are reaching their “expiration dates” and will be dead in two years.  Kira sets out on a quest with her Partial friend Samm to try and solve both problems.  Can she find the solution from the mysterious Trust before people from both the Enclave and the Partials decide to take matters into their own hands and go to war?

Moira Young
Blood Red Road
Saba and her brother Lugh are twins.  Inseparable since the day they were born.  When Lugh is kidnapped after their 18th birthday and their father killed, Saba is forced to leave their home and travel to Hopetown, where the detritus of the wasteland wash up.  Hopped up on chaal, the residents of Hopetown live for violence and the death of their gladiators.  How is Saba supposed to find her brother Lugh in this rough and tumble world when she’s never left their little homestead and she’s got her 9 year old sister Emmi tagging along?

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