Exposé of the Naples Mafia

The Camorra is an organized crime system, ruling the southern regions of Italy. It dominates over Naples and surrounding areas of Campania. They deal with high fashion, drugs, construction and the disposal of toxic waste. The non-fiction book, Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano, discusses all this and more. Chinese goods are shipped to Naples and distributed undetected across Europe. There is a vulgar handling of toxic waste that is causing devastating pollution to agriculture and impacting the health of the people living in the region. Saviano's exposé of the Naples mafia is a page turner. This is no Godfather, Hollywood version of mafias and organized crime. There exists a grim reality that effects the lives of real people (many innocent) who are dominated by the Camorra in one way or another. After publishing this book, the author was forced into hiding after receiving death threats. It's a fascinating read, albeit a bit sad and gritty.

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