Feline Heroics

A Street Cat Named Bob:And How He Saved My Life by Bob Bowen is a true story about a stray cat adopted by a street musician in London.  It is a heart-warming book that captures the wondrous bond that can develop between human and animal. 

A recovering heroin addict one-step-away from being homeless, Bob Bowen was barely making ends meet.  Playing his guitar at his usual corner spots he relied on handouts from charitable strangers to cover his bills.  One evening coming home to his dingy flat, he chanced upon an injured cat.  Seeing something of a kindred spirit in the scrappy tom, Bowen decides to take him in and nurse him back to health, an act of kindness that changes both of their lives.

Bowen names the cat Bob, and takes him along busking for handouts.   Workers and shoppers who used to walk by with eyes askance now stop to chat with Bowen, and to give Bob gentle strokes and tasty treats. Bob becomes quite a sensation, resulting in more money from those passing by.  Unfortunately, it also results in conflicts with fellow street musicians who scuffle over limited resources.   The competitive dynamics of life-on-the-streets are eye-opening.

A cellphone video of Bob posted on the Internet goes viral.  A publisher offers Bowen a book deal, and A Street Cat Named Bob becomes a best-selling hit in England. Now living a more stable and comfortable life, Bob and Bowen travel the lecture circuit raising awareness about addition, recovery, homelessness, and the special friendship between a cat and its owner.

After you've read A Street Cat Named Bob, check out two similar and equally good books featuring heroic felines: Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life by a Blind Wonder Cat by Gwen Cooper, and Dewey:The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron.

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