Upcoming Author Visit

Kate Carlisle is the author of the Bibliophile Mystery series featuring the likeable main character Brooklyn Wainwright. The first book in the series is Homicide in Hardcover. In this series starter we meet our protagonist, a rare book expert mistakenly accused of murdering her mentor and stealing a rare and priceless book. Brooklyn transforms from book binder to amateur sleuth as she tries to convince everyone of her innocence and track down the real killer. This cozy mystery will take you all around San Francisco and introduce you to all kinds of unusual characters; including Brooklyn’s hippie commune living parents and their guru as well as a mysterious and handsome stranger. A fun storyline, quirky characters and interesting information about book restoration make this book an appealing read. This first book is a great start to a fun series and the charming Brooklyn Wainwright will win you over from the beginning.

The author of this series, Kate Carlisle, will be visiting the Brea Library on Saturday, May 31st at 10:30 am. Cozy mystery fans should be sure and put this speaking engagement on their calendars. Kate Carlisle’s eighth book in this series, The Book Stops Here, comes out on June 3rd.

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