"Rosie" is Riveting!

In The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion a brilliant genetics professor by the name of Don Tillman is closing in on his fortieth birthday and decides it is time to get married.  Unfortunately, Don suffers from undiagnosed Asperger’s Syndrome and is unable to pick up on social cues, and he often disregards the feelings and reactions of others. His social ineptness leads to disastrous attempts at dating, and makes for humorous reading.  But this is also a touching and sometimes sad book. Don yearns for companionship, but lacks the means to connect with others. 

Rosie, life-long student and bartender, is searching for her biological father and enlists Don’s scientific expertise. She in turn helps him in his quest for a compatible mate.  Their madcap adventures evolve into a romantic entanglement that befuddles them both.  Will Don ever recognize that Rosie might be the perfect match he is seeking?  Rosie has feelings for Don, but can she cope with some of his extreme idiosyncrasies?

Don Tillman may be completely clueless at times, but he’s a very likable and endearing character.  Readers who have experienced awkward social situations can surely relate to his plight. I wholeheartedly cheered him on in his quest to connect with, and be accepted by, society at large. Perfect for Book Clubs looking for a lighter read that still deals with meaty issues.

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