Five Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Rainbow Rowell

1. Rainbow Rowell writes books for teens and adults. They are amazing! Rowell’s books are perfect for adults who don’t typically read “teen” fiction. These are stories anyone will enjoy.

2. Rowell’s books will remind you what it’s like to be young (the good and the bad). Eleanor & Park is set in 1986 and features a soundtrack filled with bands such as The Smiths, U2 and Joy Division. Landline switches back and forth between the present and the late 1990s and authentically represents today’s culture and the 90s alternative scene.

3. Real, imperfect characters. Relatable characters who aren’t perfect, but who are perfectly written, can be found in all Rowell's novels.

4. These books will make you cry, but in a good way.

5. You are looking for a different kind of love story. The characters are not your typical hero and heroine of romantic fiction and their love stories, though agonizingly real and heart wrenching, are just a part of the larger story.

Read one, or all, of Rowell’s books and tell me if you feel the same way. Read Eleanor & Park which is about struggling new girl, Eleanor, who is bullied at school and suffers through a problematic home life. Comic books, a Walkman and mixed tapes unite Eleanor with the unlikely Park. This book isn’t your typical teen romance, and there is lots more going on than just the love story aspect. Fangirl is about a girl, Cath, who uses her obsession with fan fiction as a safety net until she is forced to venture out into the world. If it’s just fiction written for adults you are looking for you can read Rowell’s first published novel, Attachments, which features a love story developed through email. Or you can read Rowell’s newest novel which is written for adults called, Landline. This novel features Georgie McCool, a Los Angeles based sitcom writer, with a struggling marriage. Despite numerous technologies and methods of communication, it is a landline telephone in her childhood bedroom at her mother’s house that connects Georgie to her past and her present in this unconventional love story. Rowell is a great voice in contemporary fiction and one both teens and adults might enjoy. While her next book isn’t due out until late 2015, you can find Rainbow Rowell’s work in an upcoming anthology titled, My True Love Gave to Me, which is set to be published in October 2014.

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