More Toddler Favorites

About a year ago, I shared some of my favorite books for reading aloud to toddlers. If you want to read that blog again, click here . That time around, I was looking for titles that I had read over and over (as toddlers like to do).  Since then, I have come across more books that have gone over well with toddlers that I would like to share.  They aren't all necessarily new, but were new to me.

Be sure to try Baby Parade by Rebecca O'Connell. This book appeals to tiny tykes' love of waving hello and good-bye. Readers are encouraged to wave to babies passing by in the illustrations, who ride in wagons, rest in backpacks and so on. So simple, yet so inviting of active participation.  These are some cute babies!

Another book with a simple, yet satisfying concept is Hooray for Hat by Brian Won. Grumpy Elephant is so cheered by a surprise gift of a box of hats on his doorstep that he ends up sharing them one-by-one with a succession of his similarly grumpy friends. Readers can join in by exclaiming, "Hooray for Hat!"

Let me just say flat-out that I think Mo Willems is a comic genius. He has written best-selling picture books (Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Knuffle Bunny) and readers ( the Elephant and Piggie books). He has also started a series for the youngest readers: the Cat the Cat books. The first is called Cat the Cat, Who is That?  In Cat the Cat's world, everyone has a name that reflects who they are: Cat the Cat, Mouse the Mouse, etc. Not only that, everyone is her friend, even the mysterious critter who says "Blarggie! Blarggie!"  Every one of the books in the series has a humorous twist. For example, in Let's Say HI to Friends Who Fly all the friends are sure Rhino the Rhino can't fly -- until he shows up in an airplane!

Karen Katz is a prolific author whose many books are geared to toddlers. Here's one of her newer titles: Now I'm Big! A number of children with Katz's signature large round heads, stubby arms and cheerful wardrobes list all of the things they can do now that they are not babies any more.  Best of all, now they can help their baby brothers and sisters.

If you have any favorite books for toddlers, please list them in the comments below. We want to keep our youngest readers happy!

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