Holiday Cookbooks

During the holidays edible treats and goodies surround us. A home filled with the aroma of cooking and baking triggers holiday memories of favorite traditions and favorite recipes. Along with beloved family recipes, new recipes add spice to any holiday baking repertoire. Here are some great holiday cookbooks. Enjoy! 
Gluten-Free and Vegan Holidays by Jennifer Katzinger

This cookbook contains recipes for year round holidays and special days. Be sure and take a peek at the sections of the book on Hanukkah and Christmas recipes.

Very Vegan Christmas Cookies by Ellen Brown

This collection of Christmas cookies is unique in that all recipes are made without eggs or dairy products. There are some non-traditional cookies as well as versions of the classic rolled sugar cookie. This collection of yummy recipes will appeal to the vegan in the family as well as all your other guests.

This book isn’t necessarily a “holiday” book but it will help you enjoy your holiday, or the day after the holiday, by showcasing delicious brunch recipes! This cookbook is filled with recipes and truly mouthwatering photos. I definitely plan on making some of the recipes in this book whether it’s for a holiday brunch or just a casual weekend brunch. From hash browns with goat cheese to cinnamon-apple French toast, this cookbook has something for just about everyone!
Fast & Festive Meals for the Jewish Holiday by Marlene Sorosky

This book includes not just recipes, but menus! This delightful holiday book allows you to select an entrée and then find an appropriate side, appetizer or accompanying dish. The author includes prep time, prep work that can be done in advance, and other information that will help make your busy holiday meal preparations fast and festive. This book also includes information on traditional table settings and background information about the holidays.

Try a holiday cookbook in e-Book format!

Holiday Dinners with Bradley Ogden by Bradley Ogden 

Holiday Crafting and Baking with Kids by Jessica Strand

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