Heart-Pumping Thriller

Acceleration by Graham McNamee is a fast paced book worthy of its title. Duncan works at the Toronto Transit Station’s lost and found; he sorts through lost items helping those who return to claim their misplaced objects. Bored out of his mind of being in the dungeon, what he calls his work place because there is no air or sunlight; sometimes he takes things for himself. One day, trying to pass the endless hours of his shift, he finds a little brown book that was turned in ten days earlier. The book turns out to be the diary of a psychopath, whom Duncan calls Roach. Roach has hung cats, started several fires, drowned mice, and is now stalking three women he is planning to kill. Sifting through the scrapbook like diary, Duncan takes it upon himself to put the pieces of this puzzle together, to stop this would-be stalker and murderer before he strikes. The quest to rescue the women, before it's too late, becomes personal for Duncan because of an incident the previous summer.
The book is short and in between the action pieces of stopping a killer, it changes to Duncan’s personal story: worrying about college, an ex-girlfriend, living in the projects of Toronto. Both plots are brought to life by vivid and concise writing. This quick read with a compelling ending, will please readers of crime and mystery.

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