Literary Orange 2015: Lauren Miller

There is a stellar lineup of authors at Literary Orange this year. Case in point: Lauren Miller, who will be part of the Young Adult: Oh, the Drama! panel.

Her second novel, Free to Fall, is on the 2015 Best Fiction for Young Adults list put out by YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association). It deserves to be.

Set in the near future (2028) this dystopian story supposes that people have become very dependent upon their handheld electronic devices, particularly an app called Lux that will make everyday decisions for you. (What to wear, what to eat, what music to listen to.) What they don't know is that a powerful secret society is plotting widespread mind control and the elimination of free will. Intuition has been labelled "The Doubt" and suppressed as a form of mental illness.

Main character Rory Vaughn discovers the conspiracy while she is a student at Theden, an elite academy that her late mother had also attended. With the help of clues left by her mother and the technical expertise of her "townie" boyfriend North, she gets ever closer to the dangerous truth. Suspenseful, romantic and thought provoking, this book deserves a wide readership.

Come to Literary Orange on April 11, 2015 to hear more from Lauren Miller.

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