Read to the Rhythm - Music Themed Upper Level Children's Book List

The Summer Reading Program theme is Read to the Rhythm! Our program began on June 22nd and runs until August 2nd. So far we are loving the music theme! Each branch is incorporating music into their displays, reading program logs, performances, crafts and reading prizes! The fun thing about a music theme is that there are so many music themed books! There are books about musicians, books about instruments and fictional stories that involve music in the plot. In previous posts we have provided a list of music themed picture books and a list of music themed books for intermediate readers. Now we'd like to present to you this list of upper level fiction books for older children. We want to make sure there is a little something for readers of all levels because children who read over the summer will return to school more prepared and advanced than those who didn't read over the summer!

Nothing But the Truth
A ninth-grader's suspension for singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" during homeroom becomes a national news story.

Things Hoped For
Andrew Clements
Seventeen-year-old Gwen, who has been living with her grandfather in Manhattan while she attends music school, joins up with another music student to solve the mystery when her grandfather suddenly goes missing.

The Tears of the Salamander
Peter Dickinson
Alfredo, a twelve-year-old choir boy in eighteenth-century Italy, loses his family in a fire, goes to live with Uncle Giorgio, who he discovers is a sorcerer in control of the fires of Mt. Etna with sinister plans for his nephew.

Gail Carson Levine
In a land where beauty and singing are valued above all else, Aza eventually comes to reconcile her unconventional appearance and her magical voice, and learns to accept herself for who she is.

Gentle’s Holler
Kerry Madden
In the early 1960s, twelve-year-old songwriter Livy Two Weems dreams of seeing the world beyond the Maggie Valley, North Carolina, holler where she lives in poverty with her parents and eight brothers and sisters, but understands that she must put family first.

Aurelie: A Faerie Tale
Heather Tomlinson
Heartsick at losing her two dearest companions, Princess Aurelie finds comfort in the glorious music of the faeries, but the duties of the court call her, as do the needs of her friends.

Is one of your favorite music themed books not on the list? Leave us a comment and share the title!

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