Read to the Rhythm - Primary Level Music Themed Books

OC Public Libraries' Summer Reading Program starts Monday, June 22nd! This program runs through August 2nd. Visit any of our branches and sign up for this free program. The Summer Reading Program is a great opportunity to read, earn prizes, and attend programs at your local branch!

The Summer Reading Program is a great way to encourage children to read over the summer and prevent the summer slide. The summer slide is the term for the loss in academic skills that children can experience when they are out of school for the summer. Reading over the summer will help children keep up their skills!

This year we are so excited to be offering a music themed reading programs. Many branches are planning programs that focus on music, dance and instruments. To get into the summer reading spirit, here is a list of primary level music themed books. All these books are available at OC Public Libraries branches. While you are visiting the library to pick up some books to read, be sure and sign up for the Summer Reading Program!

Giant Dance Party
Betsy Bird

Lexy Tanz loves dancing so much that she wants to share her skills with others, and when she is becoming discouraged because no one wants lessons from a girl so small, a herd of hairy giants arrives to test her teaching ability.

Katy Duck and the Tip-Top Tap Shoes
Alyssa Satin Capucilli
When the new student in Katy Duck's ballet class makes a tapping sound, the music stops and everyone looks at her feet.

My Family Plays Music
Judy Cox
A musical family enjoys getting together to celebrate.

Rock 'N Roll Mole

Carolyn Crimi
Mole has a "rock-and-roll soul" and the groupies to prove it, but when his friend Pig organizes a talent show, Mole's stage fright may prevent him from performing.

This Jazz Man
Karen Ehrhardt
Presents an introduction to jazz music and nine well-known jazz musicians, set to the rhythm of the traditional song, "This Old Man." Includes brief facts about each musician.

Rupert Can Dance
Jules Feiffer
Although Rupert liked watching his owner Mandy dance during the day, he secretly enjoyed dancing at night while Mandy slept.

Bats in the Band
Brian Lies
When the weather warms up, bats take advantage of an empty theater to stage a concert.

Zin!Zin! Zin! A Violin
Lloyd Moss
Ten instruments take their parts one by one in a musical performance.

The Blues of Flats Brown
Walter Dean Myers
To escape an abusive master, a junkyard dog named Flats runs away and makes a name for himself from Mississippi to New York City playing blues on his guitar.

Splat the Cat with Bang and a Clang

Rob ScottonSplat's friends are having a rehearsal for their cool new band, the Cat Gang. But Splat can't sing and he doesn't play an instrument! What can he do that is perfect for the Cat Gang?

Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance

Birgitta Sif
Frances Dean loves to dance. She feels the wind and she dances. She hears singing birds and she dances. In her every waking moment, she is inspired to move.

The Happy Hedgehog Band

Martin Waddell
Happy hedgehogs with drums inspire the other animals in Dickon Wood to join them in making lively music.

Jazz Baby

Lisa Wheeler
Baby and his family make some jazzy music.

Elephants Cannot Dance!

Mo Willems
Gerald the elephant is certain that he cannot dance but his friend Piggie convinces him to try.

Hilda Must Be Dancing
Karma Wilson
None of her jungle friends can find Hilda Hippo a quieter, less disruptive replacement for dancing, her favorite hobby, until Water Buffalo suggests an activity that allows Hilda to express her dance creativity in a new way.

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