Read to the Rhythm - Music Themed Books for Younger Teens

With just under two weeks left of the Summer Reading Program, you still have time to sign-up for the program. Contact your local library to sign-up! Once you've signed up, you'll need some books to read. Earlier in the summer, we posted lists of primary, intermediate, and upper level children's books. We also posted a list of books of interest to adult readers. But what about teens! Here are our recommendations for some great music themed books that may interest younger teens.

The Musician's Daughter
Susanne Dunlap
In eighteenth-century Vienna, a young teen investigates a murder.

Rachel Hartman
Seraphina, an excellent young musician, hides her shocking true identity. The sequel to this book just came out, so be sure and read this book and pick up the next book!

Lemonade Mouth
Mark Peter Hughes
A group of high school students form a band.

My Year of Epic Rock
Andrea Pyros
A high school student with a severe peanut allergy changes her life when she forms a band called, The EpiPens.

Alecia Whitaker
This book describes the trials and tribulations of Bird Barrett, a young country music star.

Have you read any great books this summer? Leave us a comment and let us know what you read!

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