Yes, Please!

I have a new best friend.

Her name is Amy, and she’s smart, funny, warm, wise, honest, and so down-to-earth. She tells me stories from her life and makes me laugh, and think, and even cry a little.

I have a new best friend, and so can you.

You may already know my new best friend, Amy Poehler, from her years on Saturday Night Live, her classic “cool mom” from Mean Girls, playing Tina Fey’s unlikely Baby Mama, or as Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope, and of course as the voice of Joy in this summer's animated movie, Inside Out (read along storybook).
 Sure, you could read Yes, Please (eBook); I’m pretty sure it will still be funny. But why sit alone when you could enjoy this book as an audiobook (eAudio)? Poehler narrates, cracking herself up along the way, with guest appearances by Carol Burnett, Seth Meyers, Michael Schur, Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner, and even her parents. It’s the kind of audiobook that makes you look for excuses to sit in your car for just a few more minutes.

Make some more funny, new friends:

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