Rita Recommends... Nonfiction

Looking for nonfiction about current events with great writing and impeccable research?
Rita Recommends these great reads:
This book was published in 2010 and examines the stock market crash of 2008. While the book is not new, it is of interest as the Academy Award nominated and critically acclaimed 2015 film of the same name was based on this book.

This recently published book boasts great reviews.

This book examines China’s one-child policy. Now that the policy has been eliminated, the author reflects on the social, political, and economic costs and repercussions of the policy. The author has put a tremendous amount of research into the book.

This recently published book examines military science. The author, Roach, approaches this topic with a winning combination of both humor and respectfulness. This brand new book is topping many nonfiction bestseller lists and Rita recommends this book to most fans of nonfiction.  

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates
National Book Award Winner and Pulitzer Prize Finalist. The books publisher says, “Coates provides readers a thrillingly illuminating new framework for understanding race: its history, our contemporary dilemma, and where we go from here.” People have called this book a future classic. Rita recommends this book to you because of its high quality writing.

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