About This Blog

OC Public Libraries, located in Orange County, California, is a network of community libraries in your neighborhood or as near as your computer.

Rita the Zebra (as in Rita Book) was a 1980s library mascot whose popularity never really waned in the 30 years since she was first introduced. Rita was featured on library cards and other library memorabilia. To celebrate OC Public Libraries’ 95th anniversary, Rita is back! She returned to OC Public Libraries’ cards and library branches during summer of 2016 and she is here to stay.

During her time away from the library, Rita traveled the world and read a lot of books! She loves to read and share her love of reading with other people. She hopes this blog contains a little something for everyone. This blog features book reviews and recommendations. The main blog page contains materials for adults, children, younger teens and older teens. If you would like to view materials for a designated age group only, click the appropriate age group’s tab at the top of the page.

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